Hips for Life™: 2021


Comprehensive Evaluation, Manual Therapy and Exercise for the Hip Complex

The Athlete to the Elderly

The Hip: Under Estimated – Undertreated

This is part of a 15-hour course comprised of Part A, 8 hours of live streaming with participant feedback and skill testing ability. Part B, 7 hours of web based self-directed learning and post course quiz.

This is an evidence-based course covering patient specific treatment of hip pain and dysfunction affecting the athlete through to the elderly.

Physical therapists, as premier musculoskeletal clinicians, provide effective treatment to this region in addition to other hip interplays in the orthopedic outpatient clinic, nursing home and on the sports field. The current treatment model for hip pain and dysfunction is heavily reliant upon radiological examination, medication and surgery. This underutilizes current evidence-based physical therapy evaluation, and treatment options.

This comprehensive, patient specific course covers functional evaluation identifying primary causes of dysfunction and assessing contributions from other areas of the body. Hip dysfunction is often effected by poor stability or muscle function of the hip stabilizers and or the lumbo-pelvic region, including the pelvic floor. Assessment of these areas and functional exercise programs addressing these are taught. Effective manual therapy techniques are taught and enhanced with correct exercise progression utilizing closed chain and anti-gravity rationale when possible. Conditions addressed include AFI, pre-OA, and OA, Labral tears, THA and tendinopathies. This treatment program is appropriate for the young athlete, to the middle-aged woman with lateral hip pain, and the elderly.


The participant will acquire the skills to become a competent and effective provider of care for the conditions that effect and are effected by the hip.

The work of world leaders in hip rehabilitation such as Dr. Jill Cook PhD, Dr. Allison Grimaldi PhD, Dr. Carolyn Richardson PhD, in addition to 30 years of clinical/teaching experience of Dr. Gavin Hamer, PT, DPT, FAAOMPT, Dip MT (NZ) has been brought together in an evidence based, clinically functional manner. It is presented with clarity, along with excellent support material. The participant will come away with a comprehensive system to treat this interesting and rewarding region, utilizing effective treatment rationale and exercise science.

Audience:ATs, PTs, PTAs



Upon completion of this course the participant will be able to:

  • Demonstrate an effective functional lower quarter assessment
  • Demonstrate a comprehensive hip evaluation
  • Describe a screen of the lumbar spine, pelvis, and hip joints
  • Explain the proper application of a treatment based classification system
  • Understand the current evidence in support of hip treatment
  • Determine relevance of hip dysfunction to the patient’s concurrent symptomology
  • Understand the influence of the pelvic floor upon hip pain and dysfunction
  • Apply effective closed chain and anti-gravity rationale in exercise selection
  • Implement an effective pre- and post-operative rehabilitation program for both anterior and posterior THA approaches
  • Apply exercise science that is dosed correctly and effective
  • Implement an appropriate condition specific medial yoga program
  • Describe home strategies to improve patient function






Day 1

08:00  Introduction: The importance of the Hip

09:00  Functional lower extremity evaluation

09:50  Break

10:00  Lumbar spine and pelvic influence

11:00  Lumbar spine treatment options

12:00  Lunch on own

01:00  Hip evaluation and Diagnosis

02:00  The effect of the pelvic floor

02:30  Pelvic floor management

03:00  Break

03:10  Hip muscle synergy

04:30  Hip OA

05:00  End of Day One   7:40


Day 2

08:00   Hip manual therapy including Pre OA

09:00  Specific hip exercise progressions

10:00  Lumbo pelvic exercises

11:00   Greater trochanter pain syndrome treatment

12:00  Lunch on own

12:30  Labrum AFI treatment

01:00  THA ant/post rehabilitation

02:00  Medical Yoga application

03:00  End of Day One





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