Level III – Master Balance Retrainer Certification Course – January 25th & 26th, 2020: Woodstock, GA

Differential Diagnosis of Vestibular Disorders

This is the ultimate course in your balance certification journey!

The Master “Level III” Balance Retrainer Course allows you to bring all your knowledge together from the previous courses on the same line.  You will use the materials to skyrocket your balance and vestibular program and make you the master in your community.






What will you obtain from the Master “Level III” Balance Retrainer Course?

  • Develop advanced knowledge of vestibular and cochlear functional testing.
  • Review advanced level anatomy, physiology, and pathophysiology of the vestibular and cochlear systems.
  • Take your Level I and II education on the various vestibular disorders and be able to now deferentially diagnose and properly manage these patients.
  • Learn advanced bedside and functional testing for complex BPPV and balance patients.
  • Understand the pharmacological management of vestibular disorders and review compensation and how the vestibular system responds to therapy.
  • Review the Various Dysfunction Patterns seen in your balance program and how to assess and treat.
  • Understand and learn to implement Sensory Mismatch Diagrams and the FYZICAL Balance Paradigm in your practice.
  • Understand appropriate goal setting and documentation for balance and vestibular disorder patients.
  • Gain up to 15 CEHs Continuing Education hours upon passing the Master “Level III” examination online.


Who Should Attend?

  • Physical Therapists
  • Occupational Therapists
  • Athletic Trainers
  • Audiologists
  • Medical Professionals (MD, DO, FNP, PA-C)


What Do You Need to Wear?

This is a lecture with 2-3 labs – it is recommend casual wear to allow ease of movement during lab sections.


What Do You Need to Bring?

  • If you own an infrared video oculography (IVOG) system, please bring your system so you can practice using it.
  • Bring laptop computer as this will be a digital presentation – you will receive the presentation by email or at the seminar through flash drive.
  • Bring a notebook for note writing for the course.


What Should You Review Before the Course?

  • Review Chapter One of the Vestibular Rehabilitation Book (Herdman, 4th Ed)
  • Take Level I and Level II Courses
  • Review Advanced Anatomy and Physiology Slides from Level II
  • Recommend Review: Sensory Mismatch and FYZICAL Balance Paradigm Webinars


Where Do You Need To Go?

6884 Hickory Flat Hwy
Woodstock, GA, 30188

(770) 704-8244



What is the the Airport?

Atlanta International Airport


What are the Hotels in the area: 



When Do You Need to Arrive at the Seminar?  

We recommend that you come in no later than Friday evening as the courses start early Saturday morning.


What is the Weather?

It is February in Woodstock, GA – it will be cool days and cold nights.


When Do You Need to Arrive at the Seminar?  

It is recommended that you come in the night before the course and be prepared to start at 8:00 AM sharp – there is a lot to cover in the course.

 For additional information, please don’t hesitate to contact Brian Werner, National Director for FYZICAL Education at:

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