OB PT- Physical Therapy in Pregnancy & Postpartum

OB PT – Physical Therapy In Pregnancy and Postpartum  

OB PT Course description:  This hybrid course (combination of online learning, self study, and live course) provides Physical Therapists (PTs) and Physical Therapist Assistants (PTAs) with comprehensive practical knowledge and skill in the evaluation and treatment of the pregnant and postpartum patient. An exploration of musculoskeletal dysfunction, especially low back and pelvic girdle pain, in pregnancy and postpartum will provide the clinician with extensive skill and knowledge for clinical decision making for this unique population. Participants will study and discuss exercise in pregnancy and the pregnant athlete to prepare PTs and PTAs to care for women who wish to remain active during pregnancy. Psychomotor (“hands on”) training in examination and treatment techniques will prepare the clinician for immediate clinical application of skills and knowledge upon return to the clinical setting. Course content is evidence based, and will promote the use of the most reliable tests, measures, and interventions.

CEUs: 14.5 hours = 1.45 CEUS

Instructor: Dr. Cynthia (Cindy) E. Neville, PT, DPT, WCS

Intended Audience:  Physical Therapists, physical therapist assistants (PTAs) and PT students in their final year may attend this course. Instruction in examination techniques and treatment skills is a key component of this course. PTAs may observe the examination and manual therapy labs and/or participate as a simulated patient.

Prerequisite: Pelvic Health Functional Anatomy Modules 1,2,3 

Functional Anatomy: Pelvic Girdle, Abdominal Wall, Pelvic floor

Participants must complete these modules and pass the associated quiz to attend the live course.

Course Objectives: Upon completion of this course:


  1. All participants will describe the physiologic and anatomical changes of pregnancy, with an emphasis on the musculoskeletal system.
  2. Physical Therapists will perform tests and measures to complete an examination of a pregnant or postpartum patient with musculoskeletal complaints.
  3. All participants will describe the normal process of labor and delivery, and describe injuries associated with it.


  1. All participants will identify specific factors critical to the performance of a complete systems review of a pregnant or postpartum patient.
  2. Physical Therapists will differentiate between musculoskeletal and medical diagnoses based on the subjective and objective evaluation of a pregnant or postpartum patient.
  3. All participants will characterize the normal course and characteristics of a typical course of postpartum recovery.
  4. All participants will screen pregnant and postpartum patients for depression and urinary incontinence.


  1. All participants wil chronicle risk management issues related to the physical therapy treatments of patients during pregnancy and postpartum
  2. Physical Therapists will demonstrate skilled manual therapy interventions for the treatment of musculoskeletal conditions in pregnancy.
  3. All participants will identify evidence-based physical therapy interventions in pregnancy and postpartum including exercise, bracing, positioning, functional restoration, and modalities
  4. All participants will describe exercise prescription, exercise progression, and physiological monitoring for the exercising pregnant woman.

Course Curriculum:

After completing the prerequisite anatomy courses, all participants should complete Modules 1  FYZICAL College prior to attending the live course.

Module 1 Online, reading, and video education                                Total 4.25 h
1. Scope of the Problem of Pain in Pregnancy and Postpartum                                   0.5 h
2. Maternal Physiological Adaptations of Pregnancy                                                    0.75 h
3. Systems Review in the Pregnant and Postpartum Patient                                         0.5 h
4. Pelvic Girdle Pain in Pregnancy &Examination of Abdominal Wall videos           0.5 h
5. Musculoskeletal Differential Diagnoses                                                                         1.0 h
6. Labor and Delivery and the Musculoskeletal System                                                  1.0 h

Module 2 LIVE COURSE                                                                          Total  10.25 h

Live course runs from 12:00 – 6:00 pm on Saturday, and 8 am to 12:30 pm on Sunday

  1. Physical Therapy Evaluation in Pregnancy                                                    1.0 h
  2. Pregnancy Examination Demonstration                                                        1.0 h
  3. Musculoskeletal Examinations and Special Tests Lab                               1.5 h
  4. Abdominal and Pelvic Floor Muscles Lab                                                  0.5 h
  5. Manual Therapy Rx Thoraco-Lumbar Spine & Pelvic Girdle Lab           1.0 h
  6. Clinical Decision Making: Pregnancy Related LBP & PGP                        1.0 h
  7. Functional Restoration in Pregnancy and Postpartum Lab                    1.0 h
  8. Exercise, Pregnant Athlete, Exercise Prescription                                      1.25 h
  9. Bracing and Modalities for Low Back and Pelvic Girdle Pain Lab          0.5 h
  10. Labor and Delivery Positioning Lab                                                               0.5 h
  11. Q&A, course review                                                                                             0.5 h
  12. Module 3 test                                                                                                        0.25 h

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